About us

Richmond Childcare Ethos

Richmond Childcare is a domestic childcare service which means that we provide our care in a home setting. The world can sometimes seem quite rushed and childcare provision a little institutional; our aim is to look after your child in a more traditional setting, replicating the extended family that would have supported you in times gone by. In this way we hope that our parents and children see us more as aunties and big sisters than nursery nurses or nannies. Our setting is fairly unusual in that we keep our ratios at 2:1 this enables us to provide an extremely high level of care. It is our policy to only take on one new little person in any one month period. This enables us to ensure that each child is properly settled in and has plenty of individual attention. We will never know your child as well as you but the more time we spend with them and the more individual attention we can give them, the better we can support them, promote their development and provide them with everything that they need to thrive. Our 2:1 ratio ensures that we are able to do this effectively. We strongly believe in working in partnership with parents. At our initial meeting we will discuss your requirements in detail so that we can work in tandem with you to ensure consistency for your child.

Meet the Richmond Childcare team

Julie Adams is the lead childminder. She has a grown up son in his twenties and has recently been blessed with a new baby daughter. She has always loved children and is a trained baby yoga and baby massage teacher. Julie is supported by a rota of 3 assistants all of whom have children of their own.


All members of the team regularly participate in training with Richmond Borough Council and other organisations to ensure we are up to day in the latest practice and continue to provide the highest standard of care. Examples of training include the safeguarding of children, observing and planning of activities and food and hygiene. All members of the team are qualified in Paediatric First Aid.


We provide breakfast, lunch, an evening meal and snacks and will discuss your individual dietary requirements with you. We encourage children to try different foods and to eat something from each of the main food groups at every meal. We recognise that some children aren’t always keen on trying new foods, so we aim to make it fun! We will discuss your child’s likes and dislikes at our initial meeting. Our food is all freshly cooked and we never add salt or sugar. Where possible, we aim to be organic. We use only free range eggs and free range chickens and all our meat is organic and free-range where available. We aim to use Fair trade produce where possible to support farming communities. Our setting supports baby led weaning so please let us know if this is of interest and we can discuss your requirements. We are also keen to support mothers who wish to express milk for their children, so please do let us know if this is a requirement. Water is always available and accessible to the children and we encourage them to drink at regular intervals as we believe hydration is an important component in concentration, as well as in general health. All the drinking water in the setting is filtered.

Environmental awareness

We continually look for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our setting. We promote environmental awareness in our activities with the children, for instance by encouraging turning off of lights and appliances and engaging them in the recycling of household waste. Where possible we source recycled and ethically produced clothes and toys.