What happens about holidays?

The setting is closed for 20 normal working days per year.

For 2017-2018 these days are as follows:

Easter 2017

10th – 13th April

Summer 2017

10th – 14th July

Autumn 2017

23rd – 27th October

Christmas 2017

22nd December – 3rd January

NB: The setting is also closed on all normal UK bank holidays

Fees are calculated pro-rata and therefore there is no reduction for holidays, sickness or when the nursery is closed for holidays.

Where will my child sleep/nap?

There is a choice of places, depending on where your child is most comfortable. They may choose a cot, a travel cot or a Montessori style floor bed. Your child will be allocated their own bedding which will remain theirs for the time they are with us.

What technology is there in the setting?

We do not have a television in the setting, but do have a DVD player. We have two iPads with age appropriate applications for the children to use. iPads are not used alone, but always with adult supervision. We do not make extensive use of this equipment but feel it is important to enable children to become familiar with touch screen technology as it has become so prolific in our society. Children are also provided with a selection of electronic, push button type toys which we feel serve an educational/developmental purpose (but may also be fun!).

How often do the children have an opportunity to go out of the setting?

We have a lovely outside space within the setting which we make full use of. Children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities and to learn about nature. We feel this is particularly important for their development and confidence.

We believe that a healthier, livelier and more positive mindset is encouraged by spending time outside. We would not confine the children to the walls of the setting for the duration of the whole day. Even in bad weather, we very much believe that there is no such thing as the ‘wrong’ weather, only the ‘wrong’ clothing! Besides the developmental benefits, giving the children opportunities to expend their energy increases the likelihood that they will sleep through the night!

Do you have a television in the setting?

We do not have a television in the setting in the sense of any receiving equipment. We have a DVD player and use nursery rhymes and baby signing DVDs to augment learning and for fun. We tend to use these as part of a social exercise where everyone sings along and does the actions. There is some evidence to show that while television may have a detrimental effect on development, repetitive, rhyming songs on DVDs can help children learn. Parents are welcome to review the material that we use at any time.

What music do you use in the setting?

We have various musical instruments and the children are encouraged to make their own music in the setting. We use nursery rhyme DVDs (see above) and music which is played on an iPad. The iPad music is a mixture of classical music, for instance Tchaikovsky, which we use to encourage dance and movement and Mozart and opera arias to sooth the children. We sometimes also use the Baby Einstein music albums to provide a little more atmosphere during play. We always make sure there is quiet time for playing during the day as we feel this is important in giving children space to concentrate. We are visited twice weekly by TINY TUNES who are absolutely fantastic. The children really enjoy their sessions.

What vacancies do you currently have?

As of April 2016 we have spaces on Monday and Friday. However, please contact us for the latest availability as this information is subject to change, and frequently does!

What is the contract?

The contract is a standard PACEY contract. It requires six weeks notice if you wish to change your days/times or terminate the contract and this is the same if we need to give you notice or change anything. We always require payment in advance. In most cases we send an invoice for fees on the 12th day of the month and payment is due by 26th day of that month. Fees are calculated pro-rata and therefore there is no reduction for holidays, sickness or when the nursery is closed for holidays. Our policies and procedures form part of the contract so you are advised to read these, they will also give you a good idea of how the setting works and what we do in different situations, such as emergencies. Our policies and procedures are available electronically by request or in the setting in hard copy. If you have any questions about the contract please do not hesitate to get in touch.