The Pros and Cons of a Childminder


If you’re about to return to work, you’re probably thinking about which option to take when it comes to childcare. If you think it’s too early to put your child into a nursery or pre-school but don’t have access to regular childcare from a family member or friend, you might want to consider hiring a childminder!

A Childminder usually cares for a child in their own home and they tend to care for small groups of children of different ages. They structure their own activities and by offering up the use of their own house provides a homely feel.


– Childminders are often parents themselves with the experience and qualification necessary children. This leaves you reassured that your little ones are being left in capable hands with carers who look after children on a daily basis!

-All childminders also have to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. So even though your child isn’t in a traditional school or nursery setting, they are still being given the education to prepare them for entering school.

– A Childminder who uses their own house provide a crucial family feel environment. Children may feel more welcome and comfortable in a home-like setting, as opposed to the sometimes chaotic environment of a nursery. Children can get to know each other on a more personal level and they can still develop social skills that they need to grow.

-Childminders often have more room for spontaneous activities with indoor and outdoor purpose built kiddy-proof spaces. If it’s too cold to go outside they can plan something indoors, or make the most of the nice weather in sandpits and on climbing frames and swings. Remember that childminders don’t have to stick to rigid routines or school-like timetables which rule how much time kids get outdoors or what kind of structure their play break take. Such flexibility means that childminders can better tailor activities according to weather and the mood of the child on the day making the time children spend in their care more creative and spontaneous.

-For busy parents, childminders can often be more flexible in terms of pick up or drop off times compared to nursery or pre-schools.

– Children with special needs or learning difficulties may find it easier to start off with more personalized care than they would receive at nursery. Parents will also be able to find it easier to oversee educational activities and receive a more bespoke service.


-In a nursery school or kindergarten setting, children have a huge variety of new opportunities and facilities with which to learn, play and experiment. Going to nursery encourages children to explore more and develop the social skills needed to enter school.

– There are children who like and thrive on routine, meaning it’s best to stick to a regular timetable. Not all parents have a guaranteed work hours but with a nursery, children still have the opportunity to form a routine with activities through the day.

-Excellent childminders may be fully booked up. As they can only provide care for a small number of children, you may either have to book in early or look for an alternative form of care. You might also want to take budget into account. The more highly recommended childminders might turn out to be more expensive than a term at nursery.

-You have to make sure your childminder is within a good location of you too! If they live far away, you might be travelling a few miles out of your way before work!

– If worried about the closed knit circle of childminding groups then nursery is definitely for you. Much more socially interactive, your child will be sure to make plenty of friends fast.

– Whether or not you choose to send your child to nursery is all down to your own preference and what you think your child may be ready for. Nursery can offer all kinds of opportunities but you have to be sure that they are prepared to go!

– Active children will find nursery much more beneficial with structured play and variety of educational programmes from science to music.

What do you think the benefits are to childminding? How did you get your child ready for nursery? Let us know on our social media pages!

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